Lunar Fade Kit
Lunar Fade Kit
Lunar Fade Kit
Lunar Fade Kit
Lunar Fade Kit
Lunar Fade Kit

Lunar Fade Kit

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All fades are now only available upon request. Please email me at to request a fade. This is subject to my availability at the time, and we can discuss when I'll be able to create one for you!

The Lunar Fade is the first fade kit I created. It is also the most popular, and how couldn't it be? The melting of deep blues towards aquas, and the integration of warm tones ending in a beautiful neutral grey skein with speckles of colour from the entire palette. Simply divine.

Composed of 5 skeins. 

In order from left to right we have:

- Battle Star Galactica
- Retrograde
- Life on Mars
- Space Oddity
- Gibbous Moon


  • BLISS WILD100% Merino 4ply SW (100gr) (400m)
  • SOCK IT UP : 80/20% Merino, Nylon 4ply SW (100gr) (400m)
  • LUSH WILD: 100% Merino 8ply DK SW (100gr) (200m)


My yarn is sourced from New Zealand mills and hand dyed at home with Dharma Acid dyes. Hand washed with love and care.
I hand dye as a hobby and therefore all yarns need to be made on order, this can make my delivery time vary slightly as I wait for yarn delivery and find time to dye, but as a general rule it will be shipped between 3 to 5 weeks.

Unless you are in a "AVAILABLE NOW" product, in which case it has been dyed prior and is ready for shipment!

Packaging has now been upgraded! Fully tracked shipping for NZ using biodegradable packaging, and fully tracked AND AFFORDABLE shipping overseas using DHL services!


By default my yarn is delivered as a 100gr skein, but if you do not have the winder to help you cake it, it can be quite laborious! Go to the Cake Service tab and add the number of skeins you are purchasing to your cart. For the fade, you need to add 5 Caking Services.


Each fibre blend is different and therefore takes the colour in a different way. SuperWash yarns (SW) will be more vibrant than Non-SuperWash (NSW). 
The difference are very subtle, mostly in vibrance of colours, but please take it into account before ordering! Each base is different, and each batch is, even with the perfect recipe :)


If you are not happy with your product, please contact me to let me know. Depending on the issue, you may be able to be issued a full refund if you contact me under 2 weeks of receiving the items, and ship it back to me in it's original packaging, undamaged.

Please pay attention when ordering, no returns or refund will be available for an ordering mistake once the product has been shipped. Review your order and for any mistakes contact me to modify your order.

Don't hesitate to email me any question :)

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Lunar Fade Kit
Lunar Fade Kit
Lunar Fade Kit
Lunar Fade Kit