END OF YEAR UPDATE! Find many on pre-orders & many products for sale!



Hand dyed yarn from the South Island of New Zealand crafted with care, love and a crazy passion for colour. 

For any request, wholesale price, dye on order or else, contact me at yeahyeahyarn@gmail.com <3


Hey there!

My final shop update for 2021 is finally here! After a long hiatus that I spent working on the Christmas Advent boxes, I decided to come back with a bang ;)

I have been working to create a large Greek Mythology collection over the last 6 months, and decided to expand it, AND to offer a very large pre-order option over the whole collection this month, as well as an option to get a MINI Sock Set!
Although the collection will keep expanding in future, this is a one-off opportunity to order all the existing colours on so many base! I usually never offer this many colours on pre-order, and never offer them on imported base, so treat yourself for this Christmas treat :)

As well as 5 new Greek Mythology colours on stock & pre-order, I also decided to offer Milkshake, Zissou Red & Klimt as pre-orders as they are all fantastic options to pair with many in the collection. Find all the pre-orders HERE

Finally, I discounted many left-over stock in the shop for last minute christmas present! Find all the sale yarn HERE

Keep scrolling on the home page to find everything that I currently have in stock.

- Pre-orders will take a minimum of 6 weeks to be dyed

- Differentiate stock vs pre-order with the "PO" tag on some of the base, abbreviated for 'pre-order'

- Pre-orders will be available for 2 weeks, and will close until the next update after that!

Have fun xxx

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