Yarn Base

I use a variety of different Yarn Base to dye my yarn, both locally sourced and imported from overseas. Find bellow a non exhaustive list of my most commonly used yarn bases.

PS: This page is still under construction and more information will be added in the near future.



Surieal is a stunning lace ply wool, composed of 76% Brushed Baby Suri Alpaca & 26% Mulberry Silk. Just imagine the belly of a kitten, or a baby fuzzy bunny, and there you have it: the softest wool there is. It is so delicate yet strong due to the silk content & incredibly soft. It is also hypoallergenic, so most people with a sensitivity to mohair can actually knit with this wool! And it shed substantially less than mohair would. It is, in essence, perfect.
Surieak comes from the UK and has 300m per 50gr.
It is retailed at 40$ per 50gr



Smitten Linen is a stunning single ply yarn made of 90% Superwash Merino and 10% Linen. The added Linen is dye resistant and adds a beautiful texture, light drape & contrast to the finished colour. The single ply knits as a fingering weight and is delicate, it is fine to knit most garment with, although will pill for high rubbing garment such as socks, so it isn't meant for this purpose. Instead, choose it for your shawls and sweaters!
Smitten Linen comes from the UK and has 360m per 100gr.
It is retailed at 38$ per 100gr

CLASSIC 4ply :

A classic dyers staple, CLASSIC 4ply is a 100% merino 4ply machine wash yarn with a high twist. This yarn is imported from the UK and it's price reflects the cost of import. It is perfect for almost every garment except Socks or high wear and tear knits. Sold at 100gr with 400m per skein.
It is retailed at 38$ per 100gr


Bliss Wild is a beautiful 100% merino 4ply base that is machine wash. Bliss Wild is called so because it comes from Wild Earth Yarn, a Mill in Aotearoa producing beautiful and ethical wool products. It is very soft and delicate, and has 400m per 100gr.
It is retailed at 35$ a skein.


Sturdy Sock is the more robust option for sock knitting. It is comprised of 75% Merino, 25% Nylon and is machine wash (SW). With 400m per 100gr, and a high twist, this base is strong and the nylon content will prevent tear in rubbing areas, such as heels on socks. However, it is still soft enough to wear close to the skin and can be used for a variety of other garment. This yarn is imported from the UK and is retailed at 38$ per skein.


Sweet Sock is in my opinion the best sock option out of all the base. It is a beautiful 75% Merino SW, 25% Nylon, with a delicate 2ply construction which gives beautiful stitch finish. It is the exact same base as SPARKLE SOCK without the silver stellina. It is super super duper soft, and has the more metrage of all options as well. It is imported from the UK and has 425m per 100gr. It is retailed at $38 a skein


Sparkle Sock is a beautiful high twist sock base with a 2ply construction. It is made with 75% Merino Superwash, 20% Nylon and 5% Silver Stellina which gives this base a lovely glittery spark. It is extremely soft (one of the softest base) and grabs the dye beautifully. It come from the UK and has 400m per 100gr.
It is retailed at 38$ per skein.


Wild DK is another base from Wild Earth Yarn, this time 100% merino 8ply DK Superwash. It is very soft and perfect for all sorts of knits, adults and babies and is your staple DK base. Wild DK has 220m per 100gr.
It is retailed at 35$ a skein.


Swanky DK is a luxurious and absolute stunner of a yarn base! It is made with 50% Baby Alpaca, 25% Silk & 25% Linen and is a DK with a 2ply construction.
The Linen and the Silk give this base a dramatic drape, with the silk adding sheen and the linen a beautiful rustic touch. The Baby Alpaca then comes in to soften the final product and create a yarn base that is just delightfully soft, drapy & robust all at once.
It is Non-Superwash and Organic, and with 25% of linen resisting the dye, will absorb colours lighter and not display speckles finely. I mostly dye this base in semi-solid and it is ideal for sweater quantity.
Swanky Linen comes from the UK and has 250m per 100gr.
It is retailed at 40$ a skein.


Oodles is a dream to work with! It is a super chunky single ply machine washable wool composed of 80% Merino and 20% Nylon to add strength. It is sooo squishy and irresistible, like a plate of udon noodles! Incredibly soft as well, it displays speckles like a dream. Because of it being super chunky, it only has 70m per skein, which is enough to make a beanie or a cowl, and two skeins will give you a scarf, slippers or mittens :)
Oodles comes from the UK and has 70m per 100gr.
It is retailed at 38$ a skein.