What about the cost of a large order? Not everyone has the same size, and not everyone can afford the extra skeins...

And thank god for that! Variety of sizes is what makes us all so unique and beautiful.

In an effort or fairness to help those who need to purchase larger amount of yarn to knit garment of big size, or to help the less fortunate that wouldn't be able to afford the yarn due to their socio-economical situation, I have therefore created several discounts. 

These discounts are available on a trust based system. They have been designed to facilitate an issue that larger people are facing when needing more yarn to knit a garment, or to give access to the yarn for those who cannot afford it.
Please, refrain from using the discount code if you do not fit the description above, and choose to buy the yarn for it's retailed price and support my small business if you can afford it. 
Enter the appropriate code at check-out to activate them:


For 6-8 skein discount (5%) enter code: TIER1
For 9-10 skeins discount (10%) enter code: TIER2
For 11-13 skeins discount (15%) enter code: TIER3
For 14-15 skeins discount (20%) enter code: TIER4

Each discount code is available to use once per customer
Happy Knitting!
But what if I need a lot of the same Skeins in the same batch for a sweater, but there isn't enough in your online shop for me to buy?
I am happy to offer custom pre-order for sweater quantity as much as possible. 
Head to the PRE-ORDER tab to find all relevant informations concerning the different type of pre-orders and custom orders available