About Us - FAQ's

Hi and thank you for stopping by! You can find here answers to the most common questions I receive, and a little bit more about me and my little shop.

My name is Caroline, and I am the indie-dyer and founder behind Yeah Yeah Yarn. I am originally from France, where I grew up and studied fine arts. Upon moving to New Zealand, I discovered a passion for knitting, and all things craft and fibre related, and have spent the last few years learning to dye yarn and growing up this little space that means so much to me. 
Hope you find yourself at home here <3


  • Where are you located? Do you sell locally?

I live in Dunedin, in the South Island of New Zealand. Although my shop is designed as an e-commerce and transactions are done online, you can easily decide to order online and choose to pick-up your delivery at my local address.

You can also find me at Loopine Wool Co in Auckland on occasion, and at Wool on Wheels that travels across the whole of New Zealand! 


  • Are you still doing pre-orders?


Yes! Pre-orders are now available again, however they have more limited options than my old model, due to less availability on my part. Head to the PRE-ORDER tab to find all relevant informations!


  • I have received a dispatch email for my order, but my yarn still hasn't arrived? 


If you have ordered from New Zealand, I use pass the parcel as a courier provider, and you should receive a tracking number for your parcel. The courier can take up to 3 business days before collecting the parcels from my house and bringing them to yours. If after using the tracking number, you are still unable to locate your order, feel free to email me at yeahyeahyarn@gmail.com  and explain the issue.

If you order from overseas, my shop currently do not offer tracked delivery, only air mail. Time frames may vary depending on your location, and possible delays (at the time of writing this, covid-19 is still going around the world and post services are heavily delayed) may occur.

If you would like for your order to be tracked, please contact me before-hand so I can estimate the cost of shipping and organise this with you.


  • I received my yarn, but it isn't what I ordered 


As a one woman operation, it can happen for me to make a mistake on an order, or during shipping. If anything that you have received differs from your order confirmation email, please email me at yeahyeahyarn@gmail.com or via social media so I can help remedy the issue.


  • I receive my yarn, but it isn't what I expected based on the product picture


There is a variety of reasons as to why the yarn will vary in colours. Every monitor/phone screen is different and can display different hues of colour. Aside of that, every batch of yarn is unique, and different yarn blend/base will catch the dyes differently.

Before ordering, make sure to read the product description thoroughly and to scroll down on the product page to find a photo catalogue which will help you see how the yarn plays next to other colourways, which will give you an idea of it's true colour. 

However, it is important to me that you are happy with your order. If your yarn doesn't match what you expected, please email me and depending on the issue, you can be issued a full refund if you return the item undamaged and within two weeks of receiving it.


  • Where does your yarn comes from?


I am sourcing my yarn within New Zealand, across several suppliers and mills, and at times from overseas mills. My yarn is only sourced from suppliers that meet my standards and ethics (see question bellow), and treat their animal with love and care. 
Sourcing un-dyed yarn in New Zealand can be challenging as suppliers are limited, which is why the yarn base I have available may vary with time. I will always announced when switching yarn base on the front page of the website where you can find all the latest news and update.


  • My yarn arrived not balled up, and it got tangled!


All of my yarn is sold in a skein form, which is essentially a giant loop. This is for presentation purposes, and because caking/balling yarn takes a lot of time and resources.

You can decide to get your yarn caked/balled by myself prior to be sent by heading to the “CAKE SERVIVE” tab of the website and adding this 2$ service. If you buy 3 balls of yarn, you will need to add this service 3 times!

Caution is to be had when unraveling a skein, and it isn’t recommended to start knitting with it from the skein form as it can get tangled. I keep figure 8 ties on my yarn to prevent tangling, but there is nothing that I can do if you end up with tangled yarn by not taking the proper precautions when balling/receiving it.


  • I received my yarn, but I found a knot inside, is this normal? 

Knots in your yarn, although rare, may happen. I skein some of the yarn myself from large Kg cones and there can be a couple of knots per cone. Likewise, at time I can wound a skein that ends up being too light, so I will attach more yarn to it from leftovers of the same base to reach 100gr skein. 

Knots are easy to deal with and can easily be removed from your knitting as you see them coming.

International textile recommendations and guidelines say that we are allowed 2 to 3 knots per 50gr ball.


  • Is formaldehyde used in the SW process of your yarn?


No. After contacting and talking with each of my suppliers, I can confirm that none of them use formaldehyde as a part of the SW process.


  • I would love to get a yarn specifically dyed for me, could you help me?


Possibly! It depends on my personal availability at the time. Head to the PRE-ORDER section for all informations, and then email me at yeahyeahyarn@gmail.com to organise it!

  • Where do you stand on diversity and inclusivity?


It is essential for me to create and offer a safe and welcoming space devoid of any discrimination based on ethnicity, sexual orientation/preferences/identity, weight, age, expression, ability or social/wealth inequality.
We stand with minorities and marginalised, and will not tolerate exclusion or privileged behaviour on any of Yeah Yeah Yarn's media platform or physical yarn events that we may be a part of.

If you feel or suspect that inappropriate behaviour has occurred or if you feel unsafe at any point, please contact me directly so I can assess the issue at 



  • I love your yarn, but I need to pass a large order and can't afford it...

In an effort to help more marginalised people, I offer a series of discount available here if you are in a need to pass a large order because of your size, or if you aren't able to afford it due to your socio-economical situation.

Each discount is available to use once per customer, and is limited in access to those fitting the description above.

This is based on a trust system. Please do not use the discounts if you can afford to buy the yarn at it's retailed price, as I am a small business who is taking a cut out of my profit to help provide fairness and equality for all.


  • I love your work, and would love to collaborate, is this possible? 


Of course! I am always interested in collaborating with other creators. That you are a pattern designer, another indie dyer, or anyone with a craft, please don't hesitate to contact me and explain your idea, I'd love to hear from you!