Who am I?


Hi everyone,

My name is Caroline. I'm french, and I live in Dunedin, in the south island of New Zealand.

After many years of applied art study, travel around the world and silly hospitality work, I took on a hobby: Knitting.

From there, everything snow balled. After teaching myself how to knit with the help of Youtube, I couldn't have enough... But I was always searching for a brighter yarn, more exciting, with more speckles, more neons, more colours! I wasn't completely satisfied with what I was finding locally, and the yarn overseas was so expensive to import that I came to the conclusion that I simply needed to dye my own.

I started with food colouring and (more) Youtube tutorials, and fell head over heels with my now new passion, colours. It wasn't long before I started investing in more pots, and started to import acid dyes. I couldn't have enough, and still don't...

Two years ago, I started to sell my creations. I went from a modest little Etsy shop, to my first website (this one!), and to now sell locally at The Felt Princess in Dunedin.

This website and my yarn are my pride and joy. I put countless hours and effort into dyeing the most stunning of colours, and nothing really makes me happier!

I hope to grow this little business of mine over the years, and to keep expanding.
I hope to keep bringing you yarn that you cherish, and to be able to meet you all in person during festivals.

I truly wouldn't be here without the beautiful and constant support that I have received from all of you, and from my family and friends. 

Thank you for stoping by <3


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