Podcast Episode 7?

Just thought I'd post a little podcast as it's been a forever! It's a lot of rambling, not very structured, but also a lot of pretty yarn coming to the shop on Sunday! In this episode I am explaining how the shop is currently structured and what to find in the next shop update, plus touching on why I changed my yarn base.

Because I kinda rushed into doing this, I didn't have note and it's a little all over the place... whoops! Although explaining in this episode that I cannot find a system for my yarn to be classified by yarn weight in the shop, I since found a solution. But because I don't have time to film another one, I'll just explain that on my instagram stories.

Time stamps:
Intro and shop news until 21min
21min: showing yarn coming to the shop
47min: why I changed my yarn base
59 min: showing wips and FO's
1:03 min: Botanical fade overview

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