Are you looking for something specific? Did you not manage to get yarn at the latest update, or not enough of it? I am now bringing back pre-orders!
I offer 3 different kind of pre-orders: the regular monthly pre-orders, the custom orders, and the fade orders. Read bellow to find all relevant informations!


In an effort to offer a better access to certain colours which I did not dye for the monthly shop update, and for sweater quantities, I am now offering monthly pre-orders.
The monthly pre-order collection is composed of 5 colourways which will change and rotate every month. There is a maximum amount of them available for pre-orders which might sell out, however, this could be topped up during the month depending on my personal availability and stock take throughout the month.
Each colourway is available on exclusively NZ yarn base, to insure a better access to stock. This includes: BLISS WILD, SOCK IT UP & LUSH WILD (find all yarn information on the YARN BASE tab of the website)

There is no minimum orders for this category, simply head to the PRE-ORDER collection to find the 5 monthly colours and order on your desired base.
If you are looking for a sweater quantity but there is not enough stock, do not hesitate to message me via email or social media to inquire about the possibility for me to top up the stock.

The time-frame for these are of about 3-5 weeks depending on my personal availability.

Please note: I am using Wild Earth Yarn as my only New Zealand supplier. They are very popular, and some base might be out of stock. If that is the case, you will be informed of the ETA for the base to be back in stock, and will have to wait an additional 2 to 5 weeks for me to complete your order after reception. If this time-frame is too long, you will be refunded your order. Feel free to inquire about my stock ahead of time, if you are wanting your order within the regular time-frame.



If you are looking for something more specific, like a colour that isn't part of the monthly selection, or a different yarn base, or even a custom dye job, the Custom order category is for you.

The Custom Orders are only available upon direct request. Simply email me at yeahyeahyarn@gmail.com to inquire about your project idea. Based on my personal availability, I can agree to your custom order, or inform you of my unavailability, and advise you to contact me at a future time to re-assess.

Please remember that I am a one-woman business. I still work part-time, and regularly work 10-12h days with no days off to continue to be able to supply my online shop monthly, offer pre-orders, monthly club subscription, and stock a couple of physical shop in New Zealand. Therefore, it is entirely possible for me to not have any free time at a certain point to squeeze in another custom-order. However, I will always give you an ETA of my future window of availability for us to work on it in the future :)

You will be able to order from any yarn base that you desire, but will have to order a minimum of 4 skeins to qualify for the custom order. You are more than welcome to ask me to recreate any colours you desire, or to create a new colour for you. If you require me to create more than 2 new colours per order, a creative fee will have to be charged on top.

Shipping for these might take longer depending of which yarn base you chose, as some of them have to be imported from overseas. All of this will be discussed between us, and once we agree on all the details, I will create a special listing for you to order via the website.



From now on, due to the amount of different fades available, and the time that they take to create, Yarn Fades will only be available upon request.

Similarly to Custom-orders above, you will have to contact me to request a yarn fade, and will be advised of an ETA for this to be available. In the same way, you might be informed of my unavailability at the time of your request if I am fully booked, however, I will give priority to fade orders over custom-orders, and will try my best to find a time-frame for you as soon as possible for me.

Fades will be available on any yarn base, and their shipping date will depend on your choice of yarn base, and discussed prior to your order.

For custom yarn fade, a creative fee will be added.


I hope that all this information is clear, and for any additional question, head to my FAQ, or do not hesitate to message me directly!