Blooming Confetti
Blooming Confetti
Blooming Confetti
Blooming Confetti
Blooming Confetti

Blooming Confetti

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Blooming Confetti is an exception to the rule... the rule that every mini from the advent calendars are unique, sacred and exclusive! They are all made by throwing dyes into the pots on instinct only, and none of them have recipes, or measurements.
But I heard you loud and clear, and this beauty shouldn't be forgotten!
I will therefore be recreating it and make it a new permanent colourway :)


  • CLASSIC 4ply: 100% 19.5 Micron superfine Merino SW, 3ply twist (100gr)(400m)
  • SWEET SOCK 4ply: 75/25% Merino, Nylon SW (100gr)(425m)
  • SPARKLE SOCK 4ply: 75/20/5% Merino, Nylon, Silver Stellina, SW (100gr) (400m)
  • CLASSIC 8ply: 100% 19.5 Micron superfine Merino DK SW, 3ply twist (100gr)(225m)
  • BOUCLE: 100% Merino SW Boucle, DK weight (100gr)(220m)


This product is only available on pre-order. The listing will be live for a week, and I will then order the yarn which takes about 2 weeks to be delivered. From there, you can expect 3-5 weeks before delivery at the latest! At best your order will arrive by early March, but could be towards end of March if there was a lot of orders. I will keep updating delivery times on my social media.


By default my yarn is delivered as a 100gr skein, but if you do not have the winder to help you cake it, it can be quite laborious! Choose the cake option so I can do it for you and your yarn can arrive ready to cast-on!


In an effort or fairness to help those who need to purchase larger amount of yarn to knit garment of big size, I have therefore created several discounts. These discounts have been designed to facilitate an issue that larger folks are facing, please only use it if this description fits you. Head to the SWEATER QUANTITY ORDER to find the discount codes.


    Each fibre blend is different and therefore takes the colour in a different way. SuperWash yarns (SW) will be more vibrant than Non-SuperWash (NSW). 
    The difference are very subtle, mostly in vibrance of colours, but please take it into account before ordering! Each base is different, and each batch is, even with the perfect recipe :)


    If you are not happy with your product, please contact me to let me know. Depending on the issue, you may be able to be issued a full refund if you contact me under 2 weeks of receiving the items, and ship it back to me in it's original packaging, undamaged.

    Please pay attention when ordering, no returns or refund will be available for an ordering mistake once the product has been shipped. Review your order and for any mistakes contact me to modify your order.

    Don't hesitate to email me any question :)


    Blooming Confetti
    Blooming Confetti
    Blooming Confetti